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Other refurbishers and recyclers

Other organizations in the Chicagoland area that refurbish and/or recycle computers.

Collection points

Goose Island

The  Goose Island facility accepts many different things for recycling, from household chemicals to batteries to computers. Some (all?) of their computers are handled directly by PC Rebuilders & Recyclers (see below).

Its official name is HCCRF (Household Chemicals and Computer Recycling Facility).

Best Buy

People don’t really know much about Best Buy’s system. In-store donations. Don’t accept hard drives. CRTs and laptops take a $10 donation but give you a $10 giftcard. Nobody knows where it actually goes. Best Buy has some information online, including their  recycling partners, including one in Michigan that only recycles cell phones.


Staples stores  collect computers and forward them on to  eco International, which has processing centers in NY, TX, CA, and Mexico.


Costco stores  collect computers and forward them on to  Gazelle, a refurbisher/recycler.


 Goodwill collects computers and forwards them to Dell via their " Reconnect" program.

During some staff meetings, it's been discussed that perhaps since the Reconnect is a national program, that local Goodwill stores might have some autonomy and may be able to choose to send hardware our way instead. TODO: we need to explore this.

Office Depot

Office Depot  collects computers and other electronics at its stores and forwards them to  Intechra.


Organizations that focus on refurbishing as many computers as possible, since reuse has a  lower environmental impact than recycling.


GAC is a 501(c)(3). They advertised on NPR on 2009-08-14. They've partnered with a  number of Chicagoland retail stores that serve as collection points, including one TigerDirect store.

 Chicago Surplus Computer

Run by  David Auerbach. They have a 20,000sf space. They sell computers  on eBay and  their own website for prices that are similar to ours, though they come with XP Professional installed.

Perhaps not coincidentally, both CSC and PCRR are located at 3053 Knox Ave.

 PC Rebuilders & Recyclers

  • Run by Willie Cade
  • The organization started out as a 501(c)(3) named  Computers for Schools which launched in  1997, but they've since renamed to PCRR, and (apparently?) are no longer a 501(c)(3)?
  • They handle  some (all?) of the computers from the Goose Island facility.
  • PCRR adheres to the EPA's "Responsible Recycling" (R2) program (though BAN  criticizes it for a number of reasons)
  • PCRR refurbishes an  estimated 5000 computers per year. Refurbished desktops are sold for $150, and laptops are $350. They include a 3 year warranty and a valid Windows license.
  • PCRR does recycle some things directly themselves. For instance, they  export CRTs out of the country (search for "3053 N. Knox").

 People's Resource Center

The People's Resource Center or PRC is located in Wheaton, IL. They refurbish over 1,000 computers each year and distribute them to low income residents of Dupage county and various non-profit agencies.

They are an authorized Microsoft refurbisher (MAR) and install fresh copies of Windows XP onto all machines they refurbish.

201 South Naperville Road, Wheaton, IL 60187-5417. (630) 682-5402

 Vista Learning

Refurbishes ~40 computers per year for school children.


Has a 100,000sf space.

 Thresholds / TRI Industries / Lincoln Laser

A non-profit that remanufactures ink cartridges only (both inkjet and laser cartridges). They're an offshoot of  Thresholds Psychiatric Rehabilitation Centers, and exist partly as a job-creation program.

They have a large contract with the City of Chicago to provide them with remanufactured ink cartridges.


Organizations that focus on recovering base materials from circuit boards and cases.


 Supply-Chain Services, Inc is the recycler that FreeGeek Chicago uses. SSI is a BAN-recommended Illinois-based recycler.

SiPi Metals

 SiPi is another Illinois-based recycling company that is recommended by BAN.


Have a 100,000sf space.

 Sims Recycling Solutions

 Intercon Solutions

 Vintage Tech Recylers

Vintage Tech Recyclers handles all kinds of electronics including computers and computer components (monitors, printers, etc). They are a for-profit company located in Plainfield, IL. Their website says they reuse if possible rather than recycling (although it does not give details on what reuse means).


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History | Last updated by David Newcum, 7 years ago: they changed their domain name without redirecting, strange