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Knowledge, to help you understand Information Technology? job titles and their potential Responsibilities.


An I.T. Engineer? might plan, design, troubleshoot? and oversee construction and maintenance of networks? used for data, voice and video communication; or develop plans to safeguard I.T. operations.


An I.T. Architect? creates blueprints for information technology engineers to follow, and works as a link between a company's technology and business staffs.


An I.T. Tester? finds bugs?, defects, and regressions?; designs, implements?, executes, and debugs test cases and scripts; validates and documents completion of testing and development; automates test cases; and verifies fixes.


A Technical Writer?, writes equipment manuals, on-line help documentation?, operating directions and maintenance instructions.


An Analyst?, will either write code; analyze business information processes? and specify I.T. solutions; provide database maintenance and development; or develop GIS? databases and their graphical representations.


An I.T. Consultant? can manage new installations and migrations?; resolve system or network issues; or facilitate development and implementation of I.T. systems' improvements.


An IT Manager? might organize, plan, develop and deploy technology; monitor network and systems for performance, and security; ensure overall quality of an operation; coordinate and track progress of design and development teams; or determine scope and specifications of I.T. projects.


A Developer? plans and oversees software, or web development operations; writes, modifies, and debugs software; tests and documents software.


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History | Last updated by Perry Williams, 7 years ago