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Places we've been able to get cheap equipment in the past.


  • Meijer -- folding set of 8 Torx screwdrivers [$5]
  • Home Depot -- individual #2 phillips screwdriver [$0.88]
  • Dollar Tree -- jeweler's screwdrivers [$1/set]


  • Target -- laptop-sized ziploc-type bags [$3.50/box of 12]


  • Home Depot -- work light with plastic hood and hook [$6.50]
  • Ikea --  15 foot cord with a light socket -- very sturdy. If we can DIY a lampshade, this one of the cheapest deal for additional lighting I've been able to find. [$4]
  • Any hardware store -- you can buy individual lightbulb sockets that are designed to piece+clamp into an electrical cable, usually these are $1.50 each. These are the cheapest way to get minimal overhead lighting.

Storage, bulk handling

  •  AIRA Enterprises -- used gaylords for much cheaper than ULine. They're open for pickup from Mon-Fri 8:30-3:30, or they can ship things for $60 minimum.
  • ULine -- a VAST selection of  cardboard boxes,  gaylords,  pallets and pallet jacks, etc. Free pickup is available, no need for shipping costs.
  •  Hubbard St industrial district -- several places to buy used pallets.
    • Commercial Pallet (2029 W. Hubbard St) -- We have bought from them several times in the past. They have been very friendly, even when we bought quantities of one or two (they seem like they usually deal with customers who are much bigger than us).

Note regarding northern suburbs

The following stores are located only in the north/northwestern suburbs. David Newcum is periodically out there, so let him know if anything is needed from these places.


Comment by Taylor Hales on Sun Jan 2 21:29:46 2011

I think 36" x 36" pallets are $4 each. At Commercial Pallet And I think I remember they can fit 12 or so into the van.

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History | Last updated by Scott Lewis, 6 years ago