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New Space Planning

Suspended until further notice, as we're staying in the old space for another year.

Criteria for a new space:

Most Important:

Free Geek Chicago needs a new space which is:

  • On the South Side or West Side of Chicago.
    • Dave E. / other staff needs to identify some specific neighborhoods / zip codes to concentrate on.
  • Rent must be under $1,000 a month.
    • Real estate seems to be priced in dollars per square feet per year, rather than monthly.
  • Greater than or equal to 2500 square feet ( Dave N. estimates 2500 square feet in our current space.)


It also might be nice to have:

  • Broadband access available ?
  • Access to CTA/Public Transit (so customers/volunteers can get to us) ?
  • (non-vile) Bathrooms ?
  • Foot Traffic ?
  • Daylight ?
  • Truck Dock (for easy deliveries of new parts and removal of junk) ?
  • Security: Space in an area where:
    • middle / upper class equipment donors aren't afraid to visit us ?
    • White motorists (or others who look like they "don't belong" in the neighborhood) are not automatically assumed by the police to be in search of drugs?

Ways we could save money:

Possible Spaces


  •  Grubb & Ellis seems to have a lot of industrial property for rent in Chicago proper. Need to call them..

Possibly Helpful Links:


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History | Last updated by Alex Hanson, 7 years ago