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How to Use Our Recyclers

Sipi Metals

1720 N. Elston
Chicago, IL

Our recycler for: Scrap circuit boards, cable connectors with precious metal value (phone, cat-5, drive data connectors).

Driving Directions: Take Diversey east to Elston (at Western). Turn right onto Elston and go a few miles. Sipi is on the right.

How to drop off: Pull up to the gate and wait for security to draw it back. Drive onto the scale. Step into the security office if you are asked to. The guard will tell you which dock to go to. At the dock, Sipi staff will unload the truck. When they're done, you'll drive around the building exiting through another security station at which the truck's contents will be checked. Turn left onto Wabansia (?), and then hang another left back onto Elson, and turn back into the security station to scale out. Go back through to the loading dock and you'll get a receipt. Pass through the second security gate.

How we'll be paid: In a couple weeks, we'll get notice of total precious metals content and a check will be issued for the percentage of that value they pay out minus their processing ($.85/ lb.)

SIMS Metal Management

1509 W. Cortland
Chicago, IL

Our recycler for: Scrap aluminum, insulated copper wire scrap, scrap copper.

Driving directions: Take Diversey to Elston (at Western). Turn right at Elston. At Cortland turn left, and the SIMS facility will be immediately on your right after turning. Note: Elston is 1500W at Cortland, and SIMS is east of Elston, which is confusing given that their address suggests they are west of there.

How to drop off: Scale in at the Incoming (inbound?) scale. You'll be given a number. Write it down. Pull right to the non-ferrous metals building, and unload onto a rolling cart at the loading dock. Bring the cart into the dock and the workers will help you unload. They will scale everything by category, and, when finished, issue you a pay ticket. Drive to the Outgoing (outbound?) scale and you'll get beeped past. Pull past the scale and park. Bring the ticket to the receptionist at the Scale Office.

How we'll be paid: The receptionist at the Scale Office will issue you an ATM card which you put into the ATM machine in the office. You'll get cash immediately. Current pay outs are $.60/ lb. for aluminum, $.42/ lb. for insulated copper wire.

Huron Paper

2545 West Fulton Street
Chicago, IL

Our recycler for: paper, cardboard, books

Driving directions: Take Milwaukee southeast to Kedzie, turn right at Kedzie. Drive a 3 miles or so to Fulton (300 N) and turn left. Just after the rail underpass, Huron Paper is on your right.

How to drop-off: There's a discreet scale along the left side, right next to an intercom. Pull onto the scale and push the intercom button. The receptionist will scale you in. If you're bringing in only cardboard, bring it to the far end of the lot where there may be some forklift operators sorting cardboard. Unload there. Drive back to the scale to scale out. Pull off the scale and park and go inside.

How we'll be paid: Cardboard recycling payouts are pretty low. It's probably not worth it if we have less than a couple hundred pounds of cardboard (in 8/10 we recycled 320 pounds of cardboard for a mere $9). Still, it covers the gas. After you have scaled out, go into the office and the receptionist there will write you a check.


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History | Last updated by Taylor Hales, 7 years ago