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Orientation Links

E-Waste and Recycling

Video:  PBS Frontline "Digital Dumping Ground" This 20 minute video discusses the global impacts of improper electronic waste disposal and processing.

Video:  Electronics recycling at Sims Recycling Solutions where FreeGeek recycles its circuit boards. Sims is located in the suburbs of Chicago.

Video:  Walkthrough of recycling machinery. Watch stuff get shredded and sorted!

Learn more about the recyclers we use

Computer Hardware

Graphic: A  large chart to help you identify some types of components, ports, and connectors.

Video: Inside a hard drive

Learn more about desktop hardware in our wiki self study section on hardware

Free and Open Source Software

Learn more about  Xubuntu 12.04, the free, open source operating system that we install on all FreeGeek Chicago computers.

 What is free and open source software?

 What is Linux?


Want to learn to work on laptops at FreeGeek? Read this document first.

History | Last updated by Susan Golland, 5 years ago