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Wiki is back up

Between work and a couple of mystery bugs, I struggled to get the wiki back up and running. We're back up now! You can now attach files to wiki pages and tickets properly, and Trac now supports a "side-by-side" editing mode. And major improvements to the theme are in the pipeline.

  • Posted: 2010-05-16 14:08 (Updated: 2010-05-16 14:49)
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Improvements to the planning tool

We are just about ready to ditch Basecamp completely, and thanks to Dave, Taylor, Scott, Malcolm, and everyone else who has futzed around with this site, we've actually got some content in place and I have been able to see the implications of my initial work on this in the real world.

There's two big topics with respect the new system. First are the changes to this wiki, and what they mean in terms of how we use the site. Second is the question of how we're gonna transition from Basecamp to this sucker, assuming everyone is still on board for it.

Here's quick rundown of improvements and changes:

  • The UI should be better. If nothing else, I should have resolved some bugs that were screwing with my ability to theme things.
  • Added support for the Trac FullBlog plugin, and intend to use it to provide a simple newsfeed. It isn't the most sophisticated blogging system in the world but at the moment all it really needs to do is handle tagging, provide an RSS feed, and have a decent archive. If you want to make an announcement, please make it by going to the "news" section and selecting "new post" if you are logged in. We can start promoting some of these messages to our more public facing website.
  • Loosened the permissions: The general public can browse our knowledge base, our source code repository, and view our news feed. Only FreeGeek/Chicago staff and super volunteers may edit wiki articles, create blog posts, or submit code. Additionally, we're left Trac's ticket system and several other features closed to the general public. I'm happy to open these up in some way, I just think potentially they will hurt the signal versus noise ratio for non-staff/super-volunteer users of this site.
  • Bidirectional email support (the ability to reply to an email about something on this site and have your reply show up in the correct place) should be up and working, but only for tickets. That means that tickets should be considered the preferred way to have an internal communication. The potential bugginess of this system is another reason to keep the ticket tracker closed at this time. I'll be rolling out support for this over the next fews -- you should start to see ticket emails. A last consideration: We must be careful about stripping out quotations from the ends of our messages -- currently the script that consumes emails is a little stupid.
  • I've taken the liberty to rename the site the FreeGeek/Chicago Codex, and set up a forwarding domain at because of our on-going domain name problems. What that means is that you should use to access the site. Google will index it at this address. But the domain redirects you to the site running on the Invisible Institute server. It's the best we can do right now.
  • The home page does a lot of fancy things. Even staff should not edit it unless they have a good idea of what they are doing.

We still need to discuss the final transition from Basecamp, but I assume at this point it is really just a matter of getting everyone up and running on this site. If nothing else, we should review our file library -- there are assets there that may not be anywhere else.

And please, if you find bugs, please create tickets for them. I'd appreciate it.

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